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I’m in love with all things French and all things travel.

I’ve just recently moved to Morocco where I’m working and traveling and telling you, dear reader, all about it. 

Join me on my adventures!



Live Like a Local in Provence and Avoid The Dreaded Crowds

Ah, Provence! Lavender fields, sunflowers, vineyards and their delicious wines, blue sky…what’s not to love? I’ll tell you what’s not to love: in the words of Jean Paul Sartre, it’s his definition of hell—other people. Yes, Provence is amazing and beautiful and breathtaking, and for those reasons, it’s also crowded. It’s no secret that Provence is no secret! So, what do you do when the only time you have to…

Speeding to the South of France

As the TGV (France’s high-speed train) pulled out of the Gare du Nord station, I breathed a sigh of relief, both that we had gotten on the right train and found the right seats, and that our 3 days in Paris were a success. It felt like some great feat had been accomplished, and now we were on to yet another one: 10 days in Avignon, the French city closest…

A 3-Day Adventure in Paris, Part 2

Only 300 More Miles To Go… Days 2 and 3 in Paris definitely consisted of lots more walking, and by the time we boarded our TGV to Avignon, our feet were begging for a break! On our second day, we visited one of my favorite places in Paris, the Luxembourg Garden. Le Jardin du Luxembourg Once a haven for royalty, it’s now a wonderful public space full of trees and…

A 3-Day Adventure in Paris, Part 1

Or, How to Walk 500 Miles in 3 Days Three days in Paris. Three days in a city with more museums than I can count, a city where cafes spring up like mushrooms, a city I adore. A city I want my son to adore as much as I do. I feel that these first few days are critical for establishing the feel of this trip– this trip that is,…

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