The countdown has begun: T- 4 days until my son and I embark on a nearly month-long trek to France! After months of planning, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to go. These last few days I find myself thinking in minutiae but then fearing that I’m missing a glaringly obvious detail. I reassure myself with reminders that I’ve been to all the places we are going, I’m a seasoned traveler, and we are not going to the moon– anything except money and passports can be found at our destination. And really, it’s more fun to use a French shampoo while you’re in France anyway!

So, while the clock ticks down and my To Do List gets ticked off, I try to take a moment to be grateful and savor the anticipation. I can hardly believe that I get to take my son (who is quite amazing, if I do say so) to my favorite place in the whole world. I get to share with him all the things that I love so much about France and he will get to create that place in his own mind, with his own experiences and later, with his own memories. What a gift.

My son is also a newly-minted photographer, so I will be sharing his photos on this blog, along with a travelogue of our adventures. The posts will also be peppered with tips for getting around France– in particular, Paris and Provence, since that is where we will be traveling, and in particular particular, traveling with a teenager. Oh la la!



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  1. Hurray! Bon Voyage!
    Love, sista Sue

  2. Bon voyage a vous! ❤️

  3. Have a wonderful time. I’m sure it will be a meaningful and treasured experience for Gavin…Memories to last a lifetime. I envy you! ❤️

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